Enterprise Application Services

Healthcare organizations are constantly evaluating solutions and services to modernize their ongoing technology operations, optimize their run-state, and unlock innovative approaches to transforming their application portfolio. We work with you to maximize the long-term benefits of your application enterprise from design and development to modernization and day-to-day management.


AI-Driven Solutions

  • AI Implementation: leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance healthcare applications and workflows.

Application Integration

  • Legacy Application Services
    -Data Consolidation & Archiving
    -Data Aggregation: Unified Patient Record
    -Application Rationalization / Consolidation
    -Legacy Application Ongoing Support
  • Interoperability Solutions: ensuring seamless data exchange and communication across diverse healthcare applications.

Application Management

  • Comprehensive support services for IT applications, such as:
    -Microsoft Dynamics
    -Telehealth Platforms
    -Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Systems
    -Telemedicine Mobile Apps
    -Secure Messaging & Patient Communication
  • Application Performance Monitoring: continuous monitoring to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Application Modernization

  • Systems Roadmapping: project portfolio and application services alignment.
  • Legacy System Modernization: upgrading and modernizing outdated healthcare IT systems.
  • Application Replatforming: migrating applications to more efficient and scalable platforms.

Cloud Management

  • Ongoing cloud infrastructure management to ensure security, compliance, and efficiency.

Cloud Migration

  • Strategy and Execution: detailed planning and execution of cloud migration for healthcare applications.

Healthcare Analytics

  • Data Integration and Analysis: transforming healthcare data into actionable insights.

Revenue Cycle Management Application Solutions

  • Commercial RCM Software Implementation
  • Cloud-Based RCM Platforms
  • Mobile RCM Applications
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence Tools
  • EHR & ERP Integration Services
  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation

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