Our Partner: The Aurora Forge

Forging Companies to Build a Healthier, More Secure World

The Aurora Forge is committed to addressing the most significant challenges in healthcare by developing early-stage companies and introducing transformative technologies, products, and services that create new disruptive markets. Our trusted relationships with industry leading healthcare systems, coupled with our ability to develop and scale innovative solutions, provides a competitive advantage that allows us to focus on investments in innovation that improve the quality of care: helping to save lives and money while increasing the efficiency of healthcare systems.

The Aurora Forge aims to forge innovative companies and provide the greatest possible impact within our industry focus through our meticulously designed Venture Studio. We partner with the best entrepreneurial talent and vastly accelerate our portfolio companies’ growth and success by filling in the missing pieces.

By leveraging a unique “Advisor Network”, The Aurora Forge brings together a consortium of strategic partners who serve in some of the industry’s most innovative healthcare systems. As our Advisors, these partners lend their wealth of knowledge, experience, and industry relationships to help accelerate the process of refining business models, acquiring customers, and securing investments for our portfolio companies, increasing the likelihood of faster industry adoption and benefit realization.



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