Technology Infrastructure
& Integration

Healthcare organizations want a seamless, intuitive, personalized experience for their internal and external customers. Your business is 24×7, and consumer demands keep changing, so your infrastructure must be rock solid to stay ahead of the curve. Through our Technology Infrastructure & Integration service offerings, Polaris Advisors’ objectives are to comprehensively manage and monitor your on-premise, cloud, and IT infrastructure. We aim to help you enhance operational agility, reduce risk, and optimize cloud and technology infrastructure investments.


API Management

  • API Development: creating and managing APIs for flexible healthcare IT ecosystems.
  • Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS): utilizing iPaaS to efficiently integrate cloud and on-premises applications.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Healthcare Cloud Solutions: secure and compliant cloud services tailored for healthcare data.
  • Cloud Migration: expertise in migrating healthcare IT systems to the cloud.

Compliance and Security

  • Ensuring healthcare IT infrastructure and integrations adhere to regulatory standards.
  • Advanced security measures to protect sensitive healthcare data.

Data Center Solutions

  • Design and Implementation: customized data center designs for healthcare environments.
  • Maintenance and Support: ongoing support to ensure data center reliability and performance.

Data Integration

  • Data Consolidation: integrating and harmonizing data from various healthcare sources.
  • Real-Time Data Integration: enabling real-time data flow for immediate access and analysis.

Incident Response

  • Emergency Response Planning: developing and implementing response plans for potential cybersecurity incidents.
  • Forensic Analysis: investigating and analyzing breaches to prevent future incidents.

Network Infrastructure

  • Secure Networking: building secure and resilient healthcare networks.
  • Connectivity Solutions: ensuring seamless connectivity across healthcare facilities.

System Integration

  • Healthcare Systems Integration: connecting disparate healthcare IT systems for unified operations.
  • Interface Development: custom interfaces for seamless data exchange between healthcare applications.

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